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So, it’s been a couple of years since Spider-Woman had her own title. On the verge of starting “The Spider-Verse” Marvel has decided that now is the time for Jessica Drew to get a BRAND NEW ALL NEW MARVEL NOW NEW NOW ALL NOW NEW title. The writer is (at the time of this writing) still up in the air, but the artist is going to be one Greg Land.

Grag land has become somewhat infamous in comics for his, shall we say, “generous use” of reference material when it comes to his art, particularly the women. In time, he may achieve notariety of Lifeldian proportions, but for now the only connection between the two that I see is the same mystery that keeps getting them work on high-profile titles.

Perhaps this Spider-Woman series will end up being great and we’ll all have to eat crow, but for now we’re hoping that today’s page (utilizing public domain images) will help cut a few corners and get it out even faster than hoped.

In spite of the credits, today’s page comes to us from our very own colour guru, Ed Ryzowski:

Ed Ryzowski was born, raised, and still lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s in Canada by the way), though with each passing frigidly cold winter he finds it harder and harder to remember why he stays there. After dropping out of art school one year away from getting his degree (something his parents were thrilled about by the way) and not picking up a pencil again for about seven years, Ed jumped back into the art world by creating the webcomic, Geek Tragedy. After three years of that however, he decided to put the webcomic he worked so very hard to build an audience for on temporary hiatus, and began focusing all of his attention on other projects. He now currently works full-time as a freelance artist who’s main focus (at the moment at least) is that of a colorist, with all of Ed’s current work coming exclusively from various webcomics. Specifically, Evil Inc, Terminals, Looking for Group, and of course, Gutters.

Also, I always feel like Ed’s last name should be harder to spell than it is. Weird, right?

Have a great weekend, friends!


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