Something A Little Different

With today’s page, we wanted to try something a little different.

Often times at conventions, we get to meet some of the Gutters artists who’ve helped contribute to the comic over the years, a number which has surpassed 300 at last count! In the age of e-mails and instant international communication it’s actually a novelty to be able to shake hands with these guys and gals. Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t put those hands directly to work after shaking, now would it?

So, what results is a stack of Gutters art boards that have some fun, amazing and wonderful artwork on them that’s never been seen before! In honour of us getting geared up for the biggest convention of them all in San Diego (just over 2 weeks away! Yikes!) I dug out a bunch, scanned ’em in and have prepared them for y’all to enjoy!

The first one is going up here so we can give it the hooting and hollering that it deserves, but check out our Facebook Page and Twitter for more over the coming weeks!

We won’t do them every day obviously, but as a lover of the art of comics, I thought it was a cool way to share some never-before-seen work from great artists we’ve worked with over the years (and a few we hope to work with) while we get ready for SDCC.

We may have a few fun things to mention about that as get closer to it as well…

But for now, Today’s sketch begs the quesiton “What Would SuperJesus Do?” and comes to us from the pencil of David McAdoo:

David McAdoo grew up in Springfield, Missouri with a healthy dose of curiosity and a clear interest in the animals around him. During college David came to the realization that film was the all-encompassing media that could satiate his artistic hunger. From writing the scripts to drawing the story boards to capturing the action and colors on film and editing them. The only problem was, he couldn’t do it all himself. After graduating college he moved to Los Angeles. Soon enough he had found work doing storyboards and design work for everything from commercials to music videos, and from video games to films. He has taken his experience in the film world back with him to his first love: comic books. His newest endeavor, Red Moon, is a graphic novel with an epic flair to it, hoping to capture that awe-inspiring cinematic grandeur.

It also means that we can once and for all stop putting a “Superman in a Jesus pose” scene in every movie.

Have a great day, friends!


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