But Who Will Play Denny?

Today’s page is what happens when autocorrect doesn’t pick up on everything. That’s all I’ll say, because it’s a holiday here in The Great White North (or as it could be called these days, The Great Humid Puddle)! Canada Day is our version of our southernly neighbour’s Fourth of July and it’s rife with bbq’s and talking about hockey.

Or something. I usually just sleep in.

Anyway, while I’m only partially hopeful that the version of Pacific Rim 2 that we have presented abve will come to pass, I feel confident that there’s a few folks out there right now enjoying a Captain Canuck book with their morning double-double.

Or at the very least, a Wolverine book. He still counts.

Regardless, to my fellow Canuckleheads, enjoy the holiday! And to the rest of the world: Sorry about Bieber.

Today’s page gleefully comes to us from Jonathan Brandon Sawyer:

Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is an Atlanta, GA based comic book artist. He has had work published in the FUBAR zombie anthology series and has illustrated short stories for the upcoming anthologies In The Dark and Imaginary Drugs.

Enjoy the day, my friends!


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