Progression Through Regression

When I heard that DC was expanding it’s Royalty plan to include colorists, I was pretty happy. I think this is a good deal for those working under the DC banner. Since the announcement though, some have questioned what it all means. For me, beyond that initial reaction, it actually only confirmed one thing: I know too much about comics these days.

I am 100% in favour of the changes made by DC, but I can’t imagine another aspect of their business that I feel like I should know less about. Call me old school, but I don’t feel that details of contracts, payouts and other business minutae are really any of the public’s concern (Unless, of course, such practices are illegal or in someway harmful). I really don’t think it’s the place of the average comics reader to know the financial details of these transactions as I wouldn’t want someone poring over my own finances like that.

Another example of this is the reveal of the details of Sebastian Stan’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier contract. Once that was made public, it didn’t ruin the movie obviously, but it did, in a way, spoil some of the future plotlines that those of us familiar with the subject material know about. I’m still stoked for it, but I would have rather learned stuff like that organically instead of in the details of an actor’s contract.

In the end, we live in a world where anything and everything can become public knowledge and I’m not saying I’m not aware of that. I just don’t know what the benefit of it being in the public eye is to us, as readers.

Today’s announcement comes to us from Rob Dumo:

Rob Dumo is a comic artist from upstate New York between Buffalo and Rochester. He’s best known for his work on Zenescope’s Robyn Hood and Broken Icon Comics’ Nightmare Unknown. Rob also serves as Art Director for Broken Icon.

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