Mental Organism Designed Only for Rebooting

Right out of the gate, I will say that I am a huge MODOK fan. When it comes to the strange and bizarre things that I love about comics, MODOK is right at the top. I even shelled out for his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #93. MODOK is amazing, no way around it.

So when I read that he was getting a new origin, I was filled with mixed emotions of Apathy and Excitement.

Excitement because, more MODOK = GOOD in my humble opinion. Apathy because I’m not really reading Secret Undercover Might Avengers World or whatever this book is supposedly called. Even with the amazing Tradd Moore on covers and MODOK as a recurring character I can’t bring myself to get buried under one more Avengers title.

The only way they could really pull me in would be if Secret Avengers merged with Avengers Undercover and started living up to it’s “Undercover” title. It’d be a BayWatch Nights-style book with MODOK and DOOM solving mysteries. Probably in a van.

Maybe this is how Marvel can score some of that sweet 22 Jump Street cash. By having DOOM and MODOK pretend to be students on Spring Break.

Marvel, You’re welcome.

Today’s page comes to us from the pen of Lucas Elliot:

Lucas Elliott is a freelance illustrator, character & concept artist currently based out of the great state of Alaska. When he is not locked in his studio, writing and illustrating his own stories, or working on projects for various companies across the country, he is adventuring through the frozen wilderness with his wife and canine companion; or watching cartoons.

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