Like The Polk-A-Roo

Bill Watterson is to many the comics equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster. He disappeared from public life after ending Calvlin & Hobbes (not that he was partying at Studio 54 to begin with, mind you) and has rarely been seen since.

Last week, he surfaced as a guest artist in the fantastic Pearls Before Swine comic strip. Watterson insisted that Pearls creator Stephan Pastis keep his involvement a secret, but Pastis could barely keep it in (though he managed to make it way longer than I would have) and spilled the beans on his blog.

The story of Bill Watterson’s “return” to comics is incredibly fitting of the man and I can’t wait until this Mystical Comics Yeti is seen again.

Todays literary adventure comes to us from Paul Salvi:

Paul Salvi is an attractive, successful artist. He lives in a nice part of Baltimore, contemplates suicide very infrequently, and strives every moment of his life to make himself better and better, to the best of his ability, that all may profit from it.

Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here next week!


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