One Day In a World…

Before anyone gets the wrong idea about today’s page, what we’re getting at is simply that one day we all hope to live in a world where signs declaring things that should be general common sense aren’t necessary.  Other signs and warnings that will hopefully one day be unnecessary might include (but are not limited to):

  • Warning: Coffee is hot.
  • “Do Not Ingest” on those little packets that keep shoes “fresh.”
  • Caution: Do not hold Chainsaw by the wrong end.
  • Do not use Hair Coloring as Ice Cream Topping.
  • Do not take Zantac if allergic to Zantac.

And of course:

  • “After your partner’s water breaks, do not have sex.”

That last one was more of an auditory warning than a sign, but I think those with kids will understand that it totally needed to be said.

Anyway, today’s glimpse of the future comes to us from John Wigger:

John Wigger–yes, that’s his actual last name–lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. John started drawing superheroes after seeing a commercial for Levis jeans starring Rob Liefield. He attended Missouri State University in Springfield where he graduated with degrees in drawing and computer animation. He also received third place in a first grade coloring contest (and still has the trophy). You can see more of his work on the webcomic Zombie Roomie.

Have a great weekend friends, and send us those mailbag submissions!


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