OK, so I think that feelings and thought on X-Men: Days of Future Past as a movie have been laid out pretty clearly here and here.

That said, the one thing I have to say about this movie, in fact the first thing I said when I left the theatre, is: Magneto moving a stadium is just a dumb as Magneto moving the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, both were visually interesting, but kinda seem like overkill a little bit, no? I could go on, but I don’t want to spoil things for people. The stadium was in the trailer though, so fair game!

Anyways, we’re starting a new thing here at Gutters that I wanted to mention. We’re calling it the Gutters Mailbag and essentially it’s a place for you to ask any and all questions you’ve ever had about comics. From the retail side, to storyline confusion or if you just want to know about awesome characters like The Folded Man, Send us an e-mail and we will answer any question you’ve got!

Within reason though. My math skills are not strong…

Before a stadium fell on her, today’s page came to us from Ali Thome:

Ali R. Thome, currently occupying space in Pennsylvania, started her art career as a caricature artist 3 years ago. In the past year she has quickly expanded her enterprise into illustration and more recently, the world of comics. Most of her work thus far has been done privately through commission work, but lately she has made a name for herself in the caricature world through her work at the International Society of Caricature Artist Convention. Lately her focus has shifted to illustration and comics working with Right After Then Design on their projects as well as tackling personal comic endeavours.

Have a good weekend, friends! See you back here next week!


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