Bigger Hero Seven

last week, Disney rolled out a teaser trailer for their first animated Marvel flick, Big Hero 6.

While not exactly an Avengers-level property, it’s nice to see any Marvel character set getting a decent animated flick. The Marvel Animated Universe is somewhat lacking compared to the stuff DC and Warner Brothers put out and it’s cool to see some Disney resources going into developing lower-tier properties for a different audience.

It does beg a question though. While Fox may own the rights to live-action movies featuring X-Men and Fantastic Four, what about their animated counterparts? Maybe instead of a big-budget live-action reboot of Marvel’s First Family, we take a crack at animating them?

Today’s page rolls in thanks to Marcus Muller:

Marcus Muller has done work for DC Comics’ Creative Services department as well as various comic anthologies like “Once Upon a Time Machine” from Dark Horse Comics. Currently Marcus is working on a few creator owned comics projects (like his webcomic “King of the Unknown” at about fat Elvis as a paranormal investigator), doing design work for video games, and operating on ambition and lack of sleep…and pizza rolls…lots and lots of pizza rolls.

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