It Takes a While To Get Notarized

So for those not in the know, Uncanny X-Men #23 is going to bring us the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier.

Considering how long ago he “died” it’s kinda taken them a while to get to it, no?

At any rate, I’m sure we will be treated to a long held secret like Xavier being Magneto’s father from the future who travelled back in time to stop himself from nailing Magneto’s mom but was caught up in a scuffle with the Shi’ar and died only to be ressurected by the Kree as a clone and sent sidways through time to stop the Lakers from winning the NBA Championship. Also, Xorn.

Or maybe it’ll just be how h keeps his head so shiny and where he hides his Nutella stash in the mansion.

Either way, I’m sure things will be irrevocably changed forever, earths shattered and the same being what nothing will ever be.

Today’s secrets were revealed by the one and only Ryan Cody:

Ryan Cody is a freelance artist and writer based in Northern Arizona. Current & past work includes: Masks & Mobsters Vol.1, Popgun Vol.3, and Outlaw Territory Vol.3 for Image Comics; Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures Vol.1 for Red 5 Comics; the pulp adventures series Doc Unknown; an upcoming stint in Dark Horse Presents and numerous sketch-covers for Marvel Comics & Hero Initiative. He is also the co-creator of Villains from Viper Comics and his own self-published book ICARUS.

Have a great start to the week, friends! See you back here Friday!


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