A Bittersweet Victory

Wow, there’s a lot to talk about here today. 500 pages worth, one might say.

It goes without saying that reaching 5oo pages of Gutters has been an incredible journey, one that has been bouyed by your continued love and support. On behalf of Sohmer, Lar, Ed, Rus, Rich, Ari and everyone else past and present who’s worked behind the scenes, let me just simply say thank you to each and every one of you who’s checked out the site, bought a book or just popped by the table at a con to chat.

Now, on the the bittersweet part of the 500th Gutters page. Rus Wooton has been our letterer since before I can remember. He’s a brother-in-arms, a rockin’ metahead, a fantastic artist and a lover of comics in all shapes and sizes. He’s also one of the most prolific and in-demand letterers in the industry (you may have seen his work in just about every major book from Image). As a result, he’s run out of time in the day and has decided to step down from Gutters to, I dunno, start a travelling band with his family or something.

Regardless, it’s sad to see Rus go. He has been a pleasure to work with and taught me a lot about the role of the letterer and the art form that it is. Good luck and happy headbanging, my friend! There will always be a place at the Gutters table for you.

Now, with that said, who’s going to do the lettering now that Rus has been sucked into the sky like Cate Blanchette at the end of Crystal Skull? Well, industry vet Dave Sharpe is stepping in and stepping up, so please, everyone welcome him to the pool party (he brought Rockadile Red Kool-Aid!).

Also, you may have noticed a few changes around here site-wise. We are pretty proud of our new design and please feel free to poke around and break it so that we can prematurely age our IT guru, Will.

And now, I have to go pack for Ottawa Comicon, where you can find Sohmer, Lar, the aforementioned Will and myself all weekend at booth #819.

*Whew.* There. Did I get it all? Oh, wait no, one more thing:

Today’s milestone issue comes to us from industry veteran, Jason Howard:

Jason Howard is a comic book artist best known for his creator owned work. He’s drawn long runs of the Image comics series Super Dinosaur and The Astounding Wolf-Man, both with co-creator and writer Robert Kirkman. He also wrote and drew half of the cult hit comic Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark. In 2013 Jason collaborated with Warren Ellis on the webcomic Scatterlands. Currently Jason is drawing Trees, a new science fiction series from Image comics with co-creator and writer Warren Ellis.  Check out more of his stuff at www.JasonHowardArt.com.

Once again, my friends. Thank you so much for your love, criticisims and support over these 500 pages. It’s been said a lot and remains true today, what we do here is a labour of love and without you, it wouldn’t even be close to possible. Thank you so much for joining us here for the first 500 pages and get ready: The next 500 starts on Tuesday!


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