The Return of Bruce Wayne

There never was a doubt in anyone’s mind that it was only a matter of time before Bruce Wayne returned from his jaunt through history, though I wonder what fun adventures DC left out and what repercussions they might have had?

Today’s page was done by the very talented Gregory Titus, whose work you may have run into before:

Greg Titus has drawn many many things….most of which are under his bed. He has worked for Marvel doing such work as the super skrull (as a part of the annihilation series) and some Fantastic Four work. Also he has done work for DC…doing some teen titans. Greg has also worked for Dark Horse doing Star Wars, Spyboy and a mini series called Syn ,with keith giffen. He has published several books through Image….including four issues of an independent title called Buggs, a short graphic novel called The Wings of Snnansi with Mike Oeming, and three issues of a book called the Imaginaries.

Among some of the other work he has done…snowboard designs for burton, designs for sobe juice, childrens books for Lerner Publishing, character designs for sony, mattel, hasbro, disney, and many others. He currently lives in chicago….in a apartment the size of a matchbox.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you on Friday.


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