It Seems Like It’d Get Really Dry

Before we get into today’s page, I blinked and suddenly we’re off to another convention. This one is noteably closer to home though as we find ourselves in Ottawa for the appropriately named Ottawa Comicon! Sohmer, Lar, Will and myself will be there at booth # 819 for the duration of the show with all the fun and swag you can handle! Do stop by wont you?

Now, on to The Orb.

Jason Aaron loves the Orb. I kinda do too, but only because he’s a ridiculously 70’s bronze-age character with little to no background. Actual quotes from his Wikipedia entry:

  • “After his recovery, for reasons never adequately explained, Shannon was given a powerful motorcycle helmet by They Who Wield Power.”
  • “The Orb was killed by the Caretaker, according to Blackout (his death isn’t depicted on-panel), but was in fact merely hospitalised with massive eye trauma.”
  • “Clearly insane, he claimed that he rolled around naked in eyeballs, regarding the eyes as ‘windows to the soul’ that he could gather power from before his rematch with the Ghost Rider.”

Also, the fact that his head is either a mystical motorcycle helmet or GIANT FREAKIN’ EYEBALL depending on who was writing him when fills me with a glee not seen since I realized that Klaw was “made of sound.”

Today’s eyes-wide-open page comes to us from Rob Dumo:

Rob Dumo is a comic artist from upstate New York between Buffalo and Rochester. He’s best known for his work on Zenescope’s Robyn Hood and Broken Icon Comics’ Nightmare Unknown. Rob also serves as Art Director for Broken Icon. Visit his website:, his deviantArt: rob dumo, or follow him on twitter: @robdumo.

Have a great week, friends! See you back here on Friday!


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