First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who attended or volunteered at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this past weekend! It was an absolute blast and we had a ton of fun chatting with Gutters fans new and old, so thank you so much Calgary for being so awesome!

Now, as for today’s page, when we saw the rumor that Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo aka Conan) was up for a role in the forthcoming Superman/Batman movie, well, it wasn’t hard to draw this conclusion.

What’s even more interesting though is it isn’t the first time Momoa has been linked with the film as last year some were speculating that he would play… Aquaman? Yeah… that seems like a good fit…

But then we got an even bigger bit of movie news from DC and Warner Brothers. 

Will I fall for it this time?… you know, I just might. Seconds after my ticket is paid for, my popcorn is in hand and the first titles roll on the most-announced-never-made movie in superhero history.

Fool me once, WB…

Today’s page comes to us from Kev Harper:

Kev Harper is a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. On occasion when the mood takes him he dabbles in the world of small press comics producing the 3 chord thrill spectacular that is SCHEME COMIX which features amongst other delights the queens of galaxies underbelly the SPACE KITTENS, all brought to you in glorious black and white 2D-O-Vision.

Take care, friends! Talk to you on Friday!


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