I’d Audit That Course

Hey, guess what? Sohmer, Lar. Will and myself are off to Calgary this weekend to experieince all the fun and games of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment expo! I’ve never been to this show so I’m super stoked! If you are attending, do drop by booth #725 and say hi, won’t you?


With regards to today’s page I’ll simply say this: If you sell pants and 5 people order your pants and so you make 5 pairs of pants to sell them, that’s not “Selling Out” of pants. That’s “Fulfilling Orders.” Don’t be fooled by the Dr. Strange-like smoke and mirrors.

Today’s page comes to us from Doug Hills:

Doug Hills has been drawing comics for himself and for others since about 2001. He has also dabbled in writing guide books about the art program, Manga Studio. He wrote Manga Studio For Dummies in 2008, and is currently working on a new book covering Manga Studio 5. Doug is the artist/co-creator of the webcomics Place Name Here and Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space (with his wife, Stacey Hills). He has worked on several independent comics, including the short story King Pete (with Josh Flanagan and Jordan Boyd), and a four-issue series currently in development, Dixon’s Notch (with Josh Flanagan and Charles Pritchett) and is a founding member of Ten Ton Studios. Doug was also a professional wrestler at one point in his life. doughills.daportfolio.com tentonstudios.com doughills.deviantart.com pnhcomics.com

Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here Tuesday!


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