The End of The World As We Know It… Again.




In case you hadn’t heard, Amazon bought Comixology. Welcome to the latest thing that is going to save/destroy the comics industry and will go down in history as the best/worst thing to happen to comics ever.

Here’s the thing though, if you are like those lampooned above who decry this as the “Death” of comics or what have you, then you probably haven’t been paying attention closely enough. Have digital comics changed the industry? Absolutely. Have they killed it like so many predicted? No. Will Amazon owning the largest distributor of digital comics destroy things as we know them? Probably not.

The thing about digital comics is that it doesn’t matter where they come from. The “store” you buy them from doesn’t have a staff to support, overhead costs to worry about or a community based around it like a lot of physical stores have. Those are qualities that are unique to leaving your house to get comics and there are always going to be people that want to do that.

The thing that does concern me about Amazon owning Comixology is that Amazon now controls a large portion of the digital distribution network as we know it. Will all the publishers want to play ball with “AmaXology?” Or will they revert to running their own stores? That could be a pain for digital readers who are used to getting everything all in one place.

So AmaXology? Good thing? Bad Thing? As they say, only time will tell.

Today’s plan unfurls thanks to the one and only Christian Meesey:

Christian “Meesimo” Meesey is a mild mannered Caricature artist by day. But when night falls, he unleashes upon the world a slightly less mild mannered comic book artist, with more blogs than one human should have. He is a Leo, and enjoys Coen Brothers movies and the musical storytelling of Tom Waits.

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