What Time Is It?

So, two things about Original Sin:

1.) If the thing that is “earth-shatteringly changed forever” as a result of the story is nothing but a new Thunderbolts book, the above is pretty much the only way I’d consider reading it.

2.) I’ve read Original Sin #0 and #1. Marvel made the un-coloured issues available to retailers last week and you know what? It’s really good. The “issue #0” prelude was extremely touching and the first issue does what they have been telling you: sets up a murder-mystery within the Marvel Universe.

Now, maybe it’s just because I’m used to “event” comics being universe-spanning, galactical (alleged) game changers that I enjoyed this preview so much. The story is simple, with a bit of that Jason Aaron humor and it feels like it’s taking story above spectacle.

Perhaps in the end, I’ll be proven wrong, but I know what I hate. And Original Sin? I don’t hate this.

Today’s adventure comes to us from friend & neighbour Kelly Tindall:

Kelly Tindall wrote and drew the adventures of Archie Snow, the leopard-headed adventurer, in nearly thirty issues of the acclaimed Image comic Proof before going on to supply artwork for This is a Souvenir (Image), Machine of Death (Bearstache), I Saw You (Three Rivers), Zombie Bomb (Terminal Press), and Matinee Eclectica (Dirty Third). Besides providing colors and letters for other books (such as Green Wake), Kelly draws the webcomics Strangebeard and The Adventurers and spends time with his wife and super-awesome daughters.

Have a great week, friends! See you back here Friday!


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