It’s An Intriguing Yarn

So, DC is telling subscribers (which apparently still exist) to a few new titles once the old ones run out. For Example, subscribers to Batman: The Dark Knight will be migrated over to Batman & Robin (or Batman & … whoever it is this month). People who get Teen Titans will soon be receiving “NEW” Teen Titans (Marvel has it’s hand on the legal button if they dare add “ALL” to that title).

But it’s Nightwing subscribers who may get the most interesting switch as news has come out that they will soon be getting  something simply called “Grayson” in place of the title they subscribed to. 

Now, Dick Grayson was left in a sticky situation last time we saw him in Forever Evil and co-publisher Dan Didio has long been rumoured to want to kill off DC’s favourite former Robin. So does the Grayson book hold new stories with our friend Dick? Or is it a whole new Grayson?

If our prediction above doesn’t come true, I’m thinking it will be a dark, gritty reboot of the character in which he no longer wants to be a superhero but instead starts a small insurance firm that specializes in dealing with the aftermath of the various Wars and Crisis’ that the DCU is plagued with.

…or something like that.

Today’s page was knit together by David Namisato:

David Namisato is an illustrator in Toronto, Canada. David is currently working on two creator-owned comics, a fantasy adventure series called “The Long Kingdom” and a Japanese language comic strip called “Mark to Minna” (English: Mark and the Gang).

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