Boy, That Got Dark

So… Marvel wants to kill Wolverine, eh? 

I know that there is a lot of bitching and complaining when a character is chosen to bite the dust in comics. A lot of the time, this seems to have to do with the fact we all know that (for the most part) they will be coming back one day. In the age of copyright awareness, it’s kind of laughable that we might think that a high-profile character like Wolverine will actually disappear from Marvel’s Landscape.

That being said, there are some pretty good “Death of…” storylines out there. To me, killing in comics is akin to nudity in movies. If it serves the story to have a main character appear, or actually be dead, then I’ll give it a shot because sometimes these stories can actually turn out pretty great and remind us why we love that character in the first place. For example, the Ultimate “Death of Spider-Man” arc comes to mind. Not only did that give us a great story, but it also gave us a great new character in the webbed tights in Miles Morales.

“The Death of Superman,” conceived almost as a punishment for a world that seemed to have forgotten Supes, remains one of the best selling graphic novels of all time. Hell, I own the “Death and Return” omnibus myself. Also, “The Death of Captain America” was a terrific story and even though Steve Rogers return was a little rocky, I bet we’ll be seeing it play out again on movie screens in the near future.

Will Wolverine’s untimely demise be another “Death of…” story to add to the list? Perhaps, but I’m thinking it’ll more likely be thought of in the same breath as Johnny Storm’s “death” than Superman’s.

Today’s page comes to us from Steve Willhite:

Steve Willhite is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living near Boise, Idaho. He has been a frequent contributor to the best selling FUBAR zombie anthologies and is an officer with Ten Ton Studios.  You can find him most times online being an ass on Facebook or at the Ten Ton Studios Forum. When he’s not drawing, he is usually out on location with his photographer wife.

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