Just Assume My Password Is ‘password12345’

There are many benefits to reading comics digitally.

There is the crystal clear art and guided view mode. There’s the fact your comic collection no longer takes up entire rooms of your house. If you can wait long enough, you might even save a few bucks too.

But while the Print Vs Digital debate may rage until the last pixel is coloured and the last page printed, there is one thing I can say with confidence: No one will be hacking into the longboxes in my basement looking for my personal information.

If they did, they’d be sorely disappointed and probably be surprised by the amount of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane they’d find.

Today’s page was delivered (though not anonymously) by Lucas Elliot:

Lucas Elliott is a freelance illustrator, character & concept artist currently based out of the great state of Alaska. When he is not locked in his studio, writing and illustrating his own stories, or working on projects for various companies across the country, he is adventuring through the frozen wilderness with his wife and canine companion; or watching cartoons. You can find more of his work at his website: www.lucaselliottart.com

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you back here Tuesday!


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