No Surrender

You’ve got to give Diamond credit for one thing, and that’s despite everything that happens around them, they refuse to change the way they do business. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, mind you.

Still, my hope is that in the next few years with digital distribution on the rise, we may actually see some improved in how Diamond operates.

Today’s page was done by one of my favorite people on this here earth, Brad guigar:

Brad Guigar is the eldest of five children and grew up in Bad Axe, Michigan. He attended Alma College where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree before he moved to Canton, Ohio to work for the newspaper The Repository as a graphic artist and editorial cartoonist. He left The Repository and moved to Akron, Ohio and worked for the Akron Beacon Journal. He currently works at the Philadelphia Daily News and is married with two children. Brad Guigar also contributed to How To Make Webcomics and maintains the site

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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