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DC’s Secret Origins #2 in May will supposedly give us Batman’s New 52 origin. I can’t help but wonder how it will differ from the three versions of this origin that we’ve seen so far. But, that concerns me more is the idea that it might actually change things to be more in line with the upcoming Gotham show from Fox.

When I first heard that Fox had optioned a pilot for a TV show based in the Batman universe, I was actually pretty stoked. Like a lot of folks, when it was revealed the show would follow a young James Gordon, assumed that it would be something like Gotham Central, the crime-drama book that was a critical and fan darling.

As the show evolves though, we see that Fox appears to be attempting to catch some Smallville lighting in their Gotham bottle. 

I have no problem with Smallville. Granted I didn’t watch much past the 3rd or 4th season, but I respect it for what it was. I don’t really want to see a Batman version of it though. It feels like it would be very forced and while I don’t really mind comics re-aligning themselves a bit to fall in line with movies or TV shows, there are a few things you don’t need to mess with. Batman’s origin is one.

Today’s tome comes to us from new pal Jonathan Brandon Sawyer:

Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is an Atlanta, GA based comic book artist. He has had work published in the FUBAR zombie anthology series and has illustrated short stories for the upcoming anthologies In The Dark and Imaginary Drugs. You can follow JBS on Twitter @gadgetwk or on deviantart at gadgetwk.deviantart.com.

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