The Movement Moves

So, I’d like to say that the cancellation of The Movement sent a wave through the office that made us all stop and think instead of, well, that. But sadly, the only thought that I had was “12 issues was about 6 more than I thought it would get.” Then I went back to Reddit.

The Movement was actually a decent book. It had fresh and interesting characters and Gail Simone’s writing was on point as always. It honestly bums me out that the book didn’t last longer because seeing new titles with new characters from the big two is such a rarity. However, all that said I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two of the faces from The Movement showing up in the new Teen Titans book that we all know is coming after the current title “ends.”

So, for now The Movement will be relegated to “Stephanie Brown” status. A book loved by Tumblr, with millions of fans who unfortunately never bought an issue. But hey, things seem to be looking up for Steph, so there’s always hope!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve discovered a subreddit called “SFW Porn Gifs.”

I may never be heard from again.

Today’s rendering comes to us from the one and only John Wigger:

John Wigger–yes, that’s his actual last name–lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. John started drawing superheroes after seeing a commercial for Levis jeans starring Rob Liefield. He attended Missouri State University in Springfield where he graduated with degrees in drawing and computer animation. He also received third place in a first grade coloring contest (and still has the trophy). You can see more of his work on the webcomic Zombie Roomie. 

Take care, friends! See you back here Tuesday!


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