Elective Surgery

There isn’t much to say about today’s page, except that it is a 100% true and real account of what he expected to happen.

I had a similar experience when at 13 I discovered a fatty lump on my hand exactly where a set of bone claws would burst though. I was pretty convinced that I was about to become the world’s most popular mutant, but alas, nothing. All it did was make it hurt more in high school when my unfortunate nickname became “The Worlds Most Unpopular Mutant” but for glaringly different reasons.

Today’s page was surgically altered by Richard Clark: 

Born in a crossfire hurricane (actually Cleveland, OH), Richard P. Clark’s illustration career began in 1993 while still an undergraduate at The Columbus College of Art and Design. Since then, he’s worked for a wildly varied list of clients in several industries-among them HBO, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal and Alcoholics Anonymous. He’s been finding work again in the Comic Industry, including a recent job for Dark Horse providing finishes over Darick Robertson’s breakdowns for The Guild-Vork comic. He’s hoping this recent turn into the comic lane sticks as there are literally scores of stories he’d like to unleash on the world. Mr. Clark currently resides in Upstate NY after a 10-year tour of duty in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and a goofy dog named Barnaby.

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! See you back here Friday!


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