Kirkman… Away!

The question of Image being still considered “indie” is one that’s been floated a lot lately. Given that among the titles announced at this week’s Image Expo are the names Snyder, Jock, Spencer, Remender, Brubaker, Phillips, Fraction, Remender, Van Lente and more, it seems like Image has completed it’s transition into the place where Marvel & DC’s top talent go to play.

I’ve often wondered why DC & Marvel don’t utilize their Vertigo and Icon lines more to keep these talents (and almost guaranteed sales) in-house. I know they have tried to do it on occasion, but aside from Vertigo’s The Wake by Snyder & Gordon, I don’t really see them making much of an effort.

Maybe in the world of billion-dollar movie comics there isn’t room for the more off-beat titles. Maybe Marvel & DC are just spread too thin trying to work with this week’s series of re-launches. Maybe they’re just not interested in things they can’t fully own.

Regardless, letting big-name creators take these titles to Image only really solidifies one thing: Image isn’t indie anymore and when we talk about the “Big Two” I’d say it’s time to make it the “Big Three.”

Today’s page comes right at us from Adam Moore:

Adam Moore draws pictures for a living.  Some of the people who’ve hired him to draw pictures are Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics,, and Wired Magazine.  He regularly contributes drawings to cereal:geek magazine, and lives in the Pacific northwest with his uncannily lovely wife.

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