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OK, I know I was gone for a couple of weeks there, but did I miss something? Was I the only one who saw this coming when Disney bought Star Wars in 2012?

Because, the way that the comics websites out there reacted to this story, it seems like it came completely out of nowhere.  My RSS feed was plastered with words like “BREAKING NEWS” and “UPDATED” and the even more laughable “EXCLUSIVE.” All I could think as I sorted through these articles was “How is something we saw coming 18 months ago breaking news?” How’s this for a headline:  BREAKING: Thing We Knew Would Happen, Happens. UPDATED: More Details On The Thing That Happened That We Already Knew Was Happening.

I understand that Dark Horse has been publishing Star Wars comics for 20+ years and that in and of itself is a pretty big deal. But they knew what was happening here and to their credit have been shoring up their lineup with some excellent creator owned books and video game licenses, which I personally believe is a better move for them long-term.

I know that in the world of comics, making something out of nothing… well, that’s kinda what we do. But in this case, if you didn’t see this coming, you should probably crack open the door to that cave you live in. Just ask BOOM how much Disney likes to share their comics licenses.

Today’s page was ripped from the headlines by Ryan Cody:

Ryan Cody is a freelance artist and writer based in Northern Arizona. Current & past work includes: Masks & Mobsters Vol.1, Popgun Vol.3, and Outlaw Territory Vol.3 for Image Comics; Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures Vol.1 for Red 5 Comics; the pulp adventures series Doc Unknown; an upcoming stint in Dark Horse Presents and numerous sketch-covers for Marvel Comics & Hero Initiative. He is also the co-creator of Villains from Viper Comics and his own self-published book ICARUS.

Enjoy the week, folks! See you back here Friday!


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