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Been so long since I’ve made a blog post, not even sure where to begin.

Perhaps a Happy Holidays is in order?

There’s much talk in the industry of late about sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and general gender issues. While I don’t think the comics business in any way has a monopoly on these, I am pleased to see that we’re talking about it, recognizing it.

Discussion is always the first step to change.

If you haven’t read the original post by artist Marinaomi, I’d recommend giving it the time, followed by the apology by Scott Lobdell, given publicly to The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald.

Today’s powerful and poignant page was drawn by Kevin Stokes-

Today’s page comes to us from Kevin Stokes:

Kevin Stokes currently resides in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. Kevin has worked on numerous comic projects. A list of his credits include his creator-owned series Departure, pencils on Forever’s Future (a collaboration with fellow Atlantan Nathan Massengill), pencils on Splittsville by Viper Comics, artwork for the TV series Smallville, artwork for the role playing game Mutants & Masterminds by Green Ronin Studios. Additionally, Kevin has “ghost inked” on such books as Batman, Ex-Machina, and Wondergirl. And if all of that isn’t enough, Kevin has also does commercial work. A fine of example of this would be his artwork for the Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburger chain. Kevin commands a bold yet clean style. It won’t be much longer before he is a household name at the big publishers!

See you back here on Tuesday, folks, have a great weekend.


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