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It is kind of sad to see Animal Man come to an end after such a great start to the series and a great crossover with Swamp Thing. That said though, I am among those who dropped the book after Rotworld, so I guess I’m partially to blame for it’s cancellation.

The surprising one is, of course, Batman: The Dark Knight. Usually books that star the Caped Crusader are a pretty solid bet and the talent on the Dark Knight series has been top knotch. My theory? Batman killed this book.

“Wha…?” you say? Yep, this is a case of some Bat-on-Bat crime. Batman and the forthcoming Batman Eternal teamed up and killed The Dark Knight. 

For Batman Eternal to enter the rotation, something had to go. That one’s easy. The Batman effect might be a little more subtle though and it has to do with the ever-fluctuating price of Batman. Issue #23 was $3.99. #24 was $6.99, #25 was $4.99 all without any kind of warning. Issue #26 was back down to $3.99, but who can say what future issues will cost. I think that with this jump in price over the last couple months, people said “Hey, I’ve only got so much buck for my Bat and Batman is where it’s at. The Dark Knight’s gotta go”

Now I’ve got nothing to back that up with but my gut and bunch of pull lists, but it seems somewhat possible, no?

Today’s page comes to us from ol’ pal Bill McKay:

Bill McKay is from the suburbs of Washington, DC. He worked extensively as a freelance illustrator before getting into comics. His clients included Snickers, Domino’s, the NFL and the ACC. His first published comic work appeared in 2010′s Zombies vs Cheerleaders. His art has also been published in the pages of The Spider, Lady Death and Hack/Slash. His latest project is the comedy/romance/horror Night of the 80′s Undead with writer Jason Martin for Action Lab: Danger Zone. It was released late 2013 in 3 issues and will be available in as a trade paperback January 2014.

Enjoy the week my friends! See you back here Friday!


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