This or a Spaceman Spiff Biopic!

The Hollywood Rumour Mill has been cranked up to 11 over the last few years, but every now and again one comes along that stands out from the rest.

Apparently, Leonard DiCaprio is looking to produce a biopic based on the life of Calvin & Hobbes creator, Bill Watterson. 

Like most people out there who have a soul, I love Calvin & Hobbes. I think it’s one of the most brilliant comics ever created and the man behind it remains the comics world’s Howard Hughes (minus the jars of urine). Bill Watterson is a fascinating guy and a study in what it means to be creative. I’ve read a few books on the man and haven’t had a chance to check out “Dear Mr. Watterson” yet, but it’s on my list for sure.

Would Hollywood be able to turn the somewhat-of-a-recluse into big screen fare? Maybe. There’s so many things about Bill Watterson and his career that just aren’t known. With him being such a private person, it’d be interesting to see how Hollywood might fill in some of the gaps if they aren’t able to get direct access to him.

No matter what happens though, it’s an interesting move and something I’d be first in line to see.

Today’s page was drummed up by Bryan Turner:

Bryan “Flash!” Turner is a full-time artist, thanks to his wonderful wife, and he is also a member of Identity Comics Studio ( based in the DC area. He has done several sketchcard sets for Marvel/Upper Deck, Marvel/Rittenhouse, and Versicolor Productions, among others. He has also done short stories for independent publishers. Character Design and development is his true passion. His 3 kids have already picked up the ‘habbit’ of drawing all the time! Currently, Flash is working on a project with Identity Comics Studio called “The Brotherhood of Fighters.”

Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here Tuesday!


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