I Miss Wheatus

Right off the top, for those wondering you can find the Tradd Moore Ghost Rider art here and sing along with the classic Wheatus track here. 

I was actually pretty stoked to see Tradd Moore on Ghost Rider. I’m a big fan of his art, the two Luther Strode series being absolutely top-notch. I’m excited to see what he does over at the House of Mouse.

Unfortunately, what I can’t say I’m terribly interested in though is the “new” Ghost Rider… er, Driver.

I have no problem with new people taking up the mantles of existing characters. I think it’s a pretty cool aspect of superhero comics that gets overlooked a lot. But, when it comes to Ghost Rider, there are two great characters in Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze that aren’t really doing anything right now. Either of them would be just as good starring in this series as Ghost Rider.

Which brings me to the second point: I know it may seem silly to some, but Ghost Rider on a motorcycle makes sense to me. Ghost Rider behind the wheel of a muscle car? Not so much.

So, I’ll definitely check out the series based on the art. However, it had better blow me away because the sad reality is, in a $3.99-per-issue world, sweet art isn’t enough for me to hold onto a title right out of the gate.

Today’s page rocks out thanks to Gibson Quarter:

Gibson Quarter is a comic book artist /illustrator. He’s currently wanted for crimes against sequential art. And also for having the initials ‘G.Q.’ Gibson the regular artist on the ‘Organ Grinder’ stories in the UNDERTOW Comics from 7th Wave. He’s known for THE WAR ON DRUGS strips with writer Alan Grant in magazine WASTED. Gibson has also worked on many HEROES OF THE NORTH comic pages with inker Guillermo Ortego. He’s a big fan of Tradd Moore’s art, so this Gutters was like a vacation .

Enjoy the rest of the week, folks! See you back here Friday!


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