Don’t Touch That Dial!

Right out of the gate: I could not be more excited for the planned Marvel shows on Netflix. 

I’ve long thought that certain comics (Preacher, for example) were way better suited to be TV series than movies. When it comes to superheroes it can absolutely work too, especially in the case of heroes that don’t have the same top-tier status that say, Iron Man or Spider-Man have.

I think what it comes down to is the villains. When you have a character like Luke Cage or Daredevil that don’t really have an established following outside of comics circles, you need to have a really strong villain to draw people in. Their “Joker” if you will. As it stands, no one’s going to want to make a $200 million dollar movie to see Daredevil smack around The Owl. With a TV series however, you have the chance to build up that character’s  status and audience using the Marvel brand that’s really well known now.

The same can be said for DC and Warner Bros. The Flash is a character that I would love to see on the big screen, but who’s he going to battle? What’s the big draw there for someone who doesn’t really know who Barry Allen is? Couple that with the fact Flash doesn’t really have a “single” nemesis but a Rogues team to contend with and TV makes so much more sense. They could easily introduce the Rogues over time and build to a movie where The Flash has to fight them all at once.

It’s a super exciting time for longtime readers of comics as these characters take on life in so many other mediums, but TV is still the one that I think will do the best for the industry as a whole in terms of growing characters and bringing in audiences. Plus saying Daredevil in the same breath as amazing shows as House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black is pretty cool.

Finally, if “Pimpslap Mickey” isn’t on toy store shelves next Christmas, they are missing a huge opportunity. Huge.

Today’s page comes to us from our ol’ pal Christian Meesey:

Christian “Meesimo” Meesey is a mild mannered Caricature artist by day. But when night falls, he unleashes upon the world a slightly less mild mannered comic book artist, with more blogs than one human should have. He is a Leo, and enjoys Coen Brothers movies and the musical storytelling of Tom Waits.

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