Writer Down Under

Hey, folks!

Our noble Gutters writer, Sohmer, is now, as the kids say, “leavin’ on a jet plane” to the great nation of Australia to attend Armageddon Melbourne this weekend, so your blog post this evening will be brought to you by the letters “I” and “T” and the word “department”.

Sohmer had this to say about today’s artist, the talented George Duarte:

George is another Brazilian penciller who is too mysterious to supply us with a bio. Could be that he’s involved with a saucy street urchin, a lost tourist and a rag tag criminal element featuring a mastermind who, for reasons unknown, insists on hiring incompetent lackeys. I figure this is a manifestation of a deep-seated insecurity issue.

For the mastermind that is. Not George.

Your usual blog postiness should return later this week when the rest of the crew has arrived safely at their destination fifteen hours in the future.

– McCahan

p.s. For the record, even though Sohmer’s avatar is still showing for this post, your temporary stand-in blog writer has a gorgeous head of red hair.

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