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Before we get into today’s page, I do want to take a moment to note the passing of an industry legend, Nick Cardy.

We were lucky enough to have Nick re-create his cover for Aquaman #1 to celebrate our 300th page a couple years back and at 90+ years of age, he knocked it out of the park with more verve and professionalism than many artists 60 years his junior. While he may not have been the most famous of artists, Nick Cardy had a huge hand in shaping the medium as we know it. Thanks for everything, sir and may we all be so lucky to be still doing the things we love when we reach your age. Rest peacefully, you’ve earned it.

Now, as for today’s page, the news that DC comics will be packing up shop and moving from New York to Burbank in 2015 came as very little surprise to anyone who follows such things. With many of their top people on the west coast, it makes sense for DC’s parent company, Warners, to want everyone under one roof. Especially given the value of comic book companies and properties these days.

While I don’t really see this as having a huge affect on the industry as a whole, it is the end of an era. Marvel and DC have been neighbours in NYC for just about forever, so it will be interesting to see that aspect of things change. What it does give is DC the chance to perform one of it’s famous “rebootLaunches” on itself.

I don’t like to see anyone losing their jobs or be faced with the decision to uproot their lives to follow a job across a country. That said though, it’s no secret that DC has been having a middle management/editorial crisis over the last few years and maybe now is a good time to clean house of some of the bad influence.

Perhaps a “Crisis of Infinite Offices” is in order.

Today’s page comes to us from Lucas Elliot:

Lucas Elliott is a freelance illustrator, character & concept artist currently based out of the great state of Alaska. When he is not locked in his studio, writing and illustrating his own stories, or working on projects for various companies across the country, he is adventuring through the frozen wilderness with his wife and canine companion; or watching cartoons. You can find more of his work at his website:

Have a good week, friends! See you back here Friday!


 “To me, comics are New York City and New York City is comics. We all know that the first character to put his underwear on over his pants was created in Cleveland, but it was New York City that gave him his start. It was New York City that provided the spotlight and it was here that he and all those that followed in his footsteps became famous. So to see a piece of that publishing tradition shift to the West coast saddens me, because it’s the end of an era and yes, while I’ve always loved to tweak our crosstown pals, New York City will admittedly be a little diminished by DC’s absence.”

– Joe Quesada

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