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I can readily admit that the worlds of Manga and Anime are worlds that I don’t visit very often. This isn’t because I don’t like it or look down on it in any way, it’s just that for the most part when it comes to Manga and Anime I’m faced with the conundrum that most North American Comics newcomers have: Where the hell to start?

Yes, I’ve seen Akira and I’ve thumbed through the nice new editions of Lone Wolf and Cub that Dark Horse has been putting out, but for the most part I’m pretty uninformed about the genre.

So, when I read that Marvel was going to be launching an Avengers anime-style show in Japan, I can’t say I leapt out of my seat with excitement. I’m sure that when it makes it North American debut I’ll see what it’s about, but until then I kinda put it on the shelf.

What really intrigues me is the line in the article that says “The Avengers is described as Walt Disney Japan’s ‘first animated television series specifically targeted at boys.’”

Really? I think I’ve been grossly misinformed about a lot of shows I watched growing up.

Today’s page comes to us from Eric Kim:

Eric Kim began his career in comics with J. Torres on the series Love As A Foreign Language, published by Oni Press. He also illustrated Degrassi: The Next Generation Vol. 3, created the comic strip series Battle Academy, The Sidesteppers (appearing in Owl Magazine), and Streta which was showcased on TX Comics.

With finishes by Josh Adams:

If you’re a fan of shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, then Josh Adams is the creator for you. Adams is a regular artist on the IDW comic series Doctor Who and has achieved notoriety for his exquisitely designed Sherlock illustrations. At just 26 years old, Adams has racked up credits at both DC (House of Mystery, JSA, Batman Odyssey) and Marvel (Astonishing X-Men Motion Comics) as well as Syfy shows like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13 and Alphas, and is working on a new webcomic series. Adams’ work can be found at his website WhatWouldJoshDo.com. He also just happens to be the son of legend Neal Adams.

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