A Bold New Direction, um, Again

Amongst the avalanche of new series, stories, titles and decimal point-laden #1 issues announced by Marvel at New York Comic Con, there were some familiar faces. One of which is the Punisher.

Like a lot of people, one of my early introduction to comics was through the Punisher. In the world of colorful superheroes, he seemed like a grim, dark alternative. At first glance one might even think he was more bad ass than a certain Caped Crusader.

However, as time rolled on and series after series attempted to relaunch the Punisher, I kinda grew a little tired of it. I just don’t think Frank Castle belongs in the superhero world anymore. It creates too many questions, the least of which is why the other superheroes would allow a mass murderer like this to wander the streets.

Where Frank belongs is where he is his best: In an ongoing, stand-alone MAX title. With the shackles thrown off, a good creative team can really explore the character and put him in situations that are as dark as he is and beyond (Welcome Back, Frank anyone?).

Also, how come the new Ghost Rider book gets the “All New” tag, but Frank don’t? No respect, I tells ya.

Today’s all new sexy times come to us from Jack Pollock:

Like Submariner, Jack Pollock is at war with the surface world and his unique illustrations bear eloquent witness to this constant struggle. He began his career at a tender age, back in the late 1980s working for Dark Horse Comics. Since then, he’s done illustrations and comics for dozens of lucky publishers like this one. His other passion is paleontology and he is currently involved in preparation and casting of fossil bones and tracks. Sorry, ladies, he’s married! Sorry, dogs, he has a dog!

Have a great weekend, Friends! See you back here Tuesday!


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