ALWAYS Check The Fine Print

Before I get into today’s fun and games, let me first say thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and picked up a copy of the BFO this past weekend at New York Comic Con! It is always awesome to meet you guys, but to meet so many of you at once (especially since we are coming off of a summer hiatus) is truly amazing. Thanks to one and all and I can’t wait to do it again!

With that said, I really must say, New York Comic Con is one of my favourite shows. I love the city for starters, but the convention is full of passionate and happy fans and extremely well run.

Except for maybe one thing…

According to the organizers of the convention, something like 15,000 were able to sneak in last year thanks to badge swapping and other creative means. To combat this, the passes this year had an embedded chip that had to be activated through the Con website in order to be valid. This let you “tap in” and out of the convention with your valid pass. An interesting idea, except that when you activated your pass on the website, it also allowed you to sign in with your Twitter account. At that time, the convention would begin tweeting through your account on your behalf.

I’m all for the integration of technology in the interest of crowd control at conventions, but to hijack someone’s Twitter feed seems to be a little much. That doesn’t have much to do with security, in fact it kinda seems like a breach of someone’s personal security. If they had made it clear form the start that they would be tweeting through the account, that would be one thing. But unfortunately they didn’t and as a result put a black mark on an otherwise impeccably run convention.

Maybe next year they can use this kind of thing for something good like sending out a tweet that hails me a cab after the show or gets me a chilli cheese dog on the con floor.

Today’s page was tweeted at us by Marcus Muller:

Marcus Muller has done work for DC Comics’ Creative Services department as well as various comic anthologies like “Once Upon a Time Machine” from Dark Horse Comics.  Currently Marcus is working on a few creator owned comics projects (like his webcomic “King of the Unknown” at about fat Elvis as a paranormal investigator), doing design work for video games,  and operating on ambition and lack of sleep…and pizza rolls…lots and lots of pizza rolls. For more of Marcus’ artwork go to:

Have a great rest-of-the week, friends! See you back here Friday!


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