Kicking It All Off In Style

So where were we? Oh yeah, making fun of the supremely ridiculous. Which, in comics, is usually only as far away as the next solicitation cycle, but here we have an ending of sorts to get all up on, the end of DC’s Villains Month.

I’ve been hugely against Villains Month from the beginning, both as a retailer and a fan. To me it was nothing more than an extremely poorly handled throwback to gimmicks that need to remain dead to ensure the vitality of the industry as a whole. I viewed it as borderline irresponsible by DC to be rolling out a trainwreck like this and as the allocations, shortages and other complications became clearer and clearer, Villains Month became nothing more than a testament to corporate pig-headedness.

Then, of course, the totally predictable thing happened and Villains Month was a “huge success” with DC patting itself on the back and gaining huge marketshare, (extremely) select retailers reporting a big jump in business and of course, eBay prices on the 3D covers soaring.

And as for the supposed “new reader” that these things are supposed to attract? I’m sure there were ones and twos who tried out something new, but I’ll bet that the majority looked at the $30+ price tag on these things coupled with awesome headlining characters like Shadow Thief and said the same thing I did: This is stupid.

Now that it is (mercifully) over, all I can say about it is this: I hope everyone’s happy. Because, Comics Fans, when we are faced with Villains Month 2.NOW and everyone starts complaining about it, I want you all to remember we did this to ourselves. All we had to do was not buy this stuff and to their credit, a few did. But we all know the reality of it. For the vast majority of comics fans out there, these things are like heroin and hey, we all need our fix, right?

The blame for what’s to come is not on the shoulders of DC, or Marvel, or Dan Didio, or J0e Quesada or Warners or Disney. It’s on us.

Bringing us back to the forefront of surreality this week is Giancarlo Caracuzzo:

Giancarlo Caracuzzo was born in Rome in 1960. Since 1982 he has worked as an illustrator, comics artist and story board artist. Over the years he has worked with the largest European and American comics companies, Including Italian Publishers S.Bonelli Editore, Mondadori Editore, De Agostini Editore, Granata press, Universo editore, Edizioni Lancio. He has also worked with French Publishers Editions Delcourt, Dupuis, Robert Laffont and US Publishers Marvel Comics (Gorilla Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Formic Wars), DC Comics, Image comics, IDW Publisher, and New Paradigm Studio.

It’s good to be back, friends! See you on Friday!


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