Even More Valiant Efforts

Fan fiction has been around as long as regular fiction has. I’m sure that back in the day, there were hundreds of stories written about Dickens’ characters that we’ve never see because the internet hadn’t been invented yet.

Valiant has chosen to embrace fan fiction, partnering with Amazon to publish these stories and split the revenue generated. 

Let me run that by you one more time: They are letting people (read: not paying people) write stories featuring their characters and then taking a cut of the money that comes from these stories. This raises some questions:

Does this make these stories canon? Who owns any new characters? And most importantly, who the hell is writing Valiant fan fiction?

Either way, I don’t expect this initiative to last long. All it will take is the first lawsuit over a new character or a Fan Fiction writer making too much money.

Wow, I can’t believe I had to seriously write that sentence.

Today’s restrained page comes to us from Kev Harper:

Kev Harper is a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. On occasion when the mood takes him he dabbles in the world of small press comics producing the 3 chord thrill spectacular that is SCHEME COMIX which features amongst other delights the queens of galaxies  underbelly the SPACE KITTENS, all brought to you in glorious black and white 2D-O-Vision.

Hope the start of the week is a good one! See you back here Wednesday!


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