A Bigger Family

When I heard that Mark Waid and James Robinson were giving Spider-Man a sister, I thought one thing: Oh, cool. Dock Ock has a sister. Sure, why not? 

Then I found out that it was Peter Parker who was getting the new sibling and I had another thought, that strangely enough was echoed by Mark Waid himself: “It seems very bizarre to him that Aunt May never mentioned anything about this woman, who’s about his age and the resemblance is there.”

Given everything that Peter and May have been through, how they both long for a family that keeps getting smaller, how they have both seen how well keeping secrets works out, you’d think that this Mystery Sister would have come up by now.

Alas though, a secret she remains, but given the talent on this graphic novel (Mark Waid, James Robinson and Gabrielle Del’otto) I’m quite looking forward to meeting this Spider-Sibling.

Also, “Mystery Sister” is a kick-ass band name.

Today’s page makes it’s way to the stage via Benito Gallego:

Benito Gallego was born in Madrid, Spain where he attended the Faculty of Fine Arts. He graduated in Design and Illustration and has been working in Advertising and Graphic Design while developing a parallel career in the Comics field. He lives now in Alicante, in the East coast of Spain, with his wife and daughter. He has been a long-time collaborator artist for SWORD, a Spanish Sword & Sorcery fanzine-turned-commercial publication contributing with cover illustrations, comics and pin-ups based upon the characters and concepts created by Robert E. Howard. He has also worked with writer Brian Azzarello in THE COWL a comic based on characters and events from VANISHED a novel by best-seller author Joseph Finder. His latest works include the character FLASH for DC where he has teamed up with writer Cary Bates and inker Sal Buscema and illustrating the Marvel superheroes in trading cards for “Upper Deck”. To see more of his work, visit http://www.benitogallego.com

Have a great New Comics Day! Don’t be afraid to tear that Polybag off of Age of Ultron #10!


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