I Like The Cut of Your Cut

Given the times we live in, it’s almost inevitable that a successful TV property ends up a comic book. It’s just kinda the nature of the beast. The big question is what kind of Sons of Anarchy story will this BOOM series tell? 

Personally, as a big fan of the show, I’d like to see the comic book take on some of the stories from before the start of the series. The formation of the sons, the story of John Teller’s death, their Irish connections though Clay and so on. Kurt Sutter has created a pretty rich history around the Sons and I’d love to see some of it fleshed out.

Speaking of Sutter, it remains to be seen how much involvement he’ll have in the comic book. One can only hope the answer is “a lot,” even if its just in an “Executive Producer” role a la Joss Whedon on Buffy.

Either way, unlike a lot of comics based on previously established properties, I’m pretty interested to see where BOOM takes the Sons of Anarchy. And, if we don’t like it, we can take it to the table at Church.

Today’s page rides down the road thanks to Neil Ford:

Neil has been working as a freelance designer & illustrator since 2007 and has recently returned to his 1st love – comics! He has upcoming work in print & web anthology titles and is writing and illustrating a graphic novel called ‘An Unkindness’ [www.unkindness.co.uk]. Neil lives in Orkney, a wee island to the north of Scotland, with his wife Becky and beautiful daughter Alice. You can see more of his work via www.neilford.net.

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