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Moving On…

Since picking up the Agent Orange trade, I fell in love with the Larfleeze character. The Orange Lantern Corps quickly became my favorite. However, with the recent news that Larfleeze is getting his very own Christmas Special, I’m now worried that Dan Didio and the DC gang are attempting to ‘Deadpool’ the character, while trying to earn as much bank as they can.

Still, I’ll pick the issue up in December.

Today’s page, gorgeous page I might add, was done by Tariq Hassan:

Tariq Hassan has worn many hats over the years. Starting in industrial design, where he designed toys, and then to aspiring comic artist. He took a three year trip to japan, where he discover a love for oil paints and graphic design, which led him to working in design departments at Home Depot and Suntrust. And then he returned to his real love, illustration and comics the past few years.

He’s worked with Wizards of the Coast, designing Star Wars miniatures, White Wolf Games, painting interiors for RPG books, storyboarding My Super Psycho Sweet sixteen for MTV films, and small jobs with Dark Horse and DC Comics. He’s currently a staff illustrator on the animated show Archer, shown of the FX network, and is still doing comics as much as he can.

He’s working on an comic adaptation of the prequel of the independent film Kerberos. Keep an eye out for this project in the near future. You can find his work at www.riqart.com, and join him on twitter at twitter.com/riqart.

We’ll see you on Monday, folks!


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