Don’t Let The Door Hit You

While I’m sure the handoff wasn’t quite as tense, I’ll bet that Robert Venditti felt the pressure in taking over from Geoff Johns on Green Lantern. Hell, as someone who’s read Johns’ entire run and enjoyed the vast majority of it, I felt the pressure for him. I know a few people who were already dropping the book in anticipation of the creative change, especially given the “final” feel of Johns’ last issue.

However, Green Lantern #21 came out, landed on the stands and lo and behold, Oa didn’t stop spinning. Instead what I found was a pretty decent set-up for a neat Green Lantern story. I liked seeing Hal as the reluctant mentor, a role that he hasn’t really taken on much in the last few years and I was pretty entertained by what I took in as “hippie” guardians.

I can’t say where it’s going to end up and chances are this is the only Green Lantern title I’ll be following for the foreseeable future, but I like where Venditti has taken us in his first issue. If the rest continue like this, he’s got nothing to worry about in terms of his own Green Lantern “legacy.” As long as he doesn’t try to top anything Johns did and just concentrates on telling good stories with the character, I think that a lot of people who doubted him will be back in Venditti’s Corps before long.

This here first page of the week comes to us from Jake Bilbao:

Jake Bilbao is a Freelance Comicbook Artist. He has worked on titles such as Bloodrayne, Anita Blake, Wolverine, and other Indie Comics. He is now doing some issues for Pathfinder by Paizo and Dynamite Entertainment. Some of his works can be seen at

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