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Music and comics have gone hand in hand since the days of Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope. There’s something kinda rock ‘n’ roll about comics, so its really no surprise that many of the kids who pick up guitars do so while putting down worn copies of Watchmen. There seem to be a lot of musicians going the other way these days and making comics of their own. Most are forgettable, a mediocre comic hoping to trade on the name of a famous musician, but two really stand out in my mind.

The first is Orchid by Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello. I expected this book to be ok at best, but when I got into the dystopian world I found myself completely captivated. Morello’s obvious political opinions are in there (the mythical hero of the story is “General China”) but not overpoweringly so. It’s a really solid book that’s surprising from a guy like Tom Morello, but also from a first-time comics writer.

The second is Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. When I heard he was writing comics, I immediately stuck my tounge out at the idea. But then after some research I found out that he was a protegee of Grant Morrisson and after reading The Umbrella Academy, I was ready to admit that he knows his stuff when it comes to comics. I really enjoyed both Umbrella Academy series and am really looking forward to The Fabulous Killjoys. I’d love to see what he could do with The X-Men.

It’s not shocking that someone who’s creative is able to take that creativity and channel it into another medium, but rarely does it actually work. So here’s to musicians and comics, with the good, in my opinion, being worth the bad.

Today’s page came to us from Jeremy Holt:

Jeremy Holt is a Vermont-based comic book writer, who currently has a couple published works most notably Southern Dog and Cobble Hill by 215Ink that are available for purchase at Comixology. He also co-hosts a writer’s podcast with Ryan K. Lindsay & Ed Brisson that’s available on Image Addiction’s website. You can also read his bi-weekly column STRANGE LOVE at Multiversity Comics. Jeremy graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the summer of 2005, and has yet to use his degree.

With Chuck BB on art:

Chuck BB is an Eisner winning Los Angeles based illustrator and comic artist.  His work can be seen in the comic strip Stone Cold Lazy which appears monthly in Decibel Magazine, as well as the Black Metal series from Oni Press.  He is an avid Metal head, and is probably listening to the new Dillinger Escape Plan right this very moment.

And Rich on drums, Me on guitar, Rus on bass, Ed on keys and Sohmer taking the lead singer’s spot. See you back here Monday!


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