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When you think about it, given what the average superhero has to go through on a monthly basis, it really is kind of amazing that more of them don’t suffer full-out mental breakdowns. Although, I do have to say that often times when those breakdowns occur, it can easily become one of the most compelling aspects to the character (Hal Jordan, anyone?).

The one that I’ve been enjoying the most recently is Batman. With the death of his son, Damien, the Dark Knight has kinda gone off the rails in a few of his titles. While some might see it as strange, I think it’s actually stranger that he hasn’t gone completely mad up until this point (The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh not withstanding). It’s fascinating to see the descent into madness of someone that we know mainly as being completely solid.

With all that said though, with breakdown comes healing and I”m sure that there is a character out there who’s somewhat like the Night Nurse and can help with the psychological injuries our heroes suffer. Hopefully it’s not Mark Ruffalo though.

The healing begins in today’s page thanks to Josh Adams:

If you’re a fan of shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, then Josh Adams is the creator for you. Adams is a regular artist on the IDW comic series Doctor Who and has achieved notoriety for his exquisitely designed Sherlock illustrations. At just 26 years old, Adams has racked up credits at both DC (House of Mystery, JSA, Batman Odyssey) and Marvel (Astonishing X-Men Motion Comics) as well as Syfy shows like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13 and Alphas, and is working on a new webcomic series. He also just happens to be the son of legend Neal Adams.

With art by new friend Rudi Sucipto:

Rudi was born and grew up in the city of Malang, East Java, Indonesia. His family now lives in Surabaya, East Java,  Indonesia. A self-taught artist, Rudi was never formally educated, instead choosing to draw simply because he loves it. Rudi has always had a passion for comics and illustration, especially illustrating children’s stories. In 1998 he became an illustrator of the childrens magazine Surabaya (MENTARI). In the year 2000 he was crowned Champion in the  Favorite Comics Contest, held in a local newspaper (JAWA  POS). In 2007 he also won the Bobo Favorites Illustration Contest. Some of his work includes Faith in the Unknown (Turbocomics), Tekst Strip, a monthly comic strip (Striptekenars), Thomas: The New Adventures, a monthly web strip (L Jamal Inc.), The Dragon#1, Rag/Tag#1 and DEAD GOODE  (Solas Comics).

Enjoy New Comics Day, folks! We’ll be back here on Friday with more fun and games!


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