By The Power of Grayskull

I’m going to make a bold prediction about this upcoming series: The Masters of The Universe will meet up with the DCU characters, who will initially mistrust them leading to conflict, but in the end they will join forces to defeat Skeletor who has unleashed a diabolical plot with the aid of his second cousin, The Red Skull.*

Or something like that. The last part would be kinda cool, actually.

In truth though, I don’t even really have hopes raised that low for this series. It’s funny, it seems like a very “old” type of story, one I thought we’d seen the end of. The only saving grace is that it’s not taking place inside the current storylines of the DCU. There was a time when that absolutely would have happened.

Either way, I’m anxiously awaiting the tale of how Stinkor factors into the coming adventures as well as the inevitable scene when She-Ra attempts to defect to Paradise Island with Wonder Woman. Perhaps there will even be a cameo from my childhood nemesis, Mossman. Yeah, I had about 14 Mossman figures. It wasn’t funny then, it isn’t funny now.

Today’s page crosses over thanks to Adam Moore:

Adam Moore is a cartoonist based out of Portland, Oregon. He draws stuff, and sometimes people like it. He promises to get better at it. His work has been featured in Wired magazine,, and comics by Image, Dynamite, and DC’s now-defunct Zuda brand. He is a frequent contributor to cereal:geek magazine, and loves to eat fried chicken and drink beef tea.

Have a great start to the week, friends. It’s a holiday here in Canadia, so I’m doing what we all should be doing: working. See you back here Wednesday!


*Yes, I know that’s a Marvel character. That’s how unlikely I think it’ll be that this will be a good series.

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