Where Is The Zipper?

I have a lot of questions about cosplay. Where do they find the time to work on those incredible costumes? Was some kind of electrical engineering degree required to wire up the Daleks I saw this past weekend in Ottawa? And, most importantly: When it comes to the more intricate costumes, how do they pee?

I know that I sometimes have trouble just dealing with regular pants, let alone adding on layers of cardboard, plastic and in some cases metal. Given all the work that goes into some of these costumes, would it really be so hard to add in some kind of funnel or hose system? Just an idea.

Not a good idea, mind you. But an idea.

Today’s page comes to us from Mikael Bergkvist:

Mikael Bergkvist is better known as “Amikael” and has been drawing comics for three years, starting in Sweden. He created the comic book “Agent Marc Saunders”, which he wrote, pencilled and inked each issue. Now he does “Shadow Falls” for Ardden Entertainment. He once did 36 pages for the Swedish romance comic book “Starlet” in three days, and he still holds the record in Sweden. It was a nightmare though and he is working slower and more carefully nowadays.

Enjoy New Comics Day, friends. It’s a special one for us here as it’s the last one at the present location of our retail store, The 4th Wall. We’re moving to new digs, so if my typing gets sloppy(er) in the next few days its because I’ve been lifting bookshelves and display cases.


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