Bam! Whif! Compound Interest!

Tax Time is a hard time for everyone, but I think that for Superheroes it’d be especially difficult. I mean, while some of them are very wealthy and have people to handle such things, there’s a lot of those in tights that just barely get by. After all, being an Avenger doesn’t come with a dental plan and the Justice League doesn’t pay by the hour. Also, I wonder if things like capes can be written off as work-related equipment. After all, I’m not allowed to write off what I wear to work, so would the materials used to make an Iron Man suit of armor fall into that category as well?

Perhaps there is a Night Accountant like Marvel’s Night Nurse who aids those in the superhero community with their financial problems. If there is, I wonder how long it will be before he has his own Marvel NOW series.

While we do a bit of Con-Recovery, Royal McGraw stepped in with today’s script:

ROYAL MCGRAW is a writer of feature film, television, graphic novels, and video games. He has penned projects for numerous media companies, including Syfy Channel, Electronic Arts, and DC Comics. Royal is currently involved in several writing adventures, including work for video game startup Pixelberry Studios, an upcoming action-adventure webcomic for Blind Ferret Productions, and several creator-owned projects… For himself! Royal McGraw lives and works in Redwood Shores.

And joining him on art is the one and only Cliff Richards:

Cliff Richards entered the American Comic book market in 1999. He has worked with major publishers of the market as Dark Horse on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Indiana Jones, Scorpion King and more. For Marvel, he has worked on titles such as Rogue, Thunderbolts and many others. He served as artist on Crossgen’s Soujorn and Route 666 and for DC, Wonder Woman, Batman & Robin, Checkmate, Huntress: Year One, Hawkman, Nemesis, Katana, World’s finest and lots more!

Have a good start to the week! See you back here Wednesday!


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