Free For All

Before we do anything today, I want you all to know two, very important things:

First, while we manage to crank out this here thrice-weekly comic on this website, there’s actually another way that you can get ahold of some Guttersy goodness. That’s right, Gutters is also available on Comixology!  You can download it into your digital collections and read it next to your Walking Dead and Saga issues! Gutters Issue #2 is available now and if you’re a digital comics fan, I think it’s something you should check out!

Now, second very important thing: I own a Watchmen Toaster.

Yep, I was the one.

Any ways, Free Comic Book Day this year was another in a string of smashing successes. It’s easily become the best day in the Comic Calendar and each year’s event never fails to top the last. My favourite part is the artists and creators who donate their time to come to stores and meet the masses. We had three amazing artists working the day at our store (Gutters Alums Karine Charlebois, Kelly Tindall and Andy Belanger) who made so many people happy with their work, it really was the highlight of the day for me.

What I missed a bit this year was that one “BIG” comic for Free Comic Book Day. In the past, we’ve had Blackest Night #0, the infamous Archaia hardcover from last year and specially created Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man stories. This year, there didn’t seem to be that one big book. The offerings from all the publishers were great as always, but with DC offering up a Superman reprint and Marvel’s Infinity prelude coming in the middle of Age of Ultron, both books seemed to fall under the radar. Like I say though, I’m not complaining. I just think it might have been a bit of a missed opportunity, especially on Superman’s part.

At any rate though, a good time was had by all and I know that I’m already counting down the days until next year’s Free Comic Book Day!

Today’s page comes to us from Jorge F. Muñoz:

Jorge F. Muñoz is a comic book artist and illustrator currently living in Mexico City. He is the recipient of the Mexican “Jovenes Creadores 2012-2013”  Government grant for the Graphic Narrative category. He is also the co-creator with Josh Hechinger of Bear Beater Bunyan, the best comic about bear-wrestling in the world, available through Amazon for the Kindle. Jorge splits his time doing illustrations for several book publishers and magazines and drawing comics, collaborating frequently with writer Josh Hechinger.

See you back here Friday, everyone!


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