“Bat-Selfie” Is my new Tumblr


Before we begin, let me tell you that Con Season 2013 continues to roll on this weekend in Calgary! That’s right, Lar, Ari, and Stone will be representing Blind Ferret at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. You’ll be able to find them all weekend long at Booths #925 and #1025. Unfortunately, Sohmer won’t be able to make it, as explained in this wee note from the man himself:

“I am sad to report that I won’t be able to make it [to Calgary], as it’s starting to look like the twins that my wife and I are expecting, are hoping to meet us sooner than anticipated. Apparently, we’ve found the 2nd thing in the universe that will cause me to miss a con. My apologies that I won’t be there, but if you ask Lar nicely, he can forge my signature superbly. When he does it, it’s almost actually legible.”

It’s true, I’ve seen it. So, while we wait here with catcher’s mitts at the ready, if you’re in Calgary do stop by and say hello, won’t you?

So as for today’s page, Look, it’s 2013. We can say it. We’ve all tried internet dating at some point, even if it never resulted in anything. I don’t think there’s any shame in it and frankly, if I spent most of my nights scrambling over rooftops fighting crime, I’d probably give it another shot. After all, I can’t imagine being Batman leaves much free time to get out there and meet people.

Then again, given the fate of just about every woman Batman’s ever been involved with, maybe it’s better if he keeps on flying solo.

Today’s page has come to us from our favourite Bat-Artist, Mohammed F. Haque:

Hawk, more formally known as Mohammad F. Haque, leads a double life: innovative artist/illustrator by day, lightning-fingered techie by night. He currently juggles several projects and job titles, including concept designer/illustrator for Quantum Mechanix based in Los Angeles. He hails from the Maryland/DC area and scored a degree in Graphic Design and Art from the University of Maryland.

And, while Sohmer is taking care of business, Randy Milholland jumped in with a fantastic script:

Randy Milholland has drawn the webcomic Something*Positive at somethingpositive.net since 2001, as well as the occasional super hero parody “Super Stupor”. If you go there now, you’ll miss most of the archives as the site’s down after Blind Ferret’s recent server episode.  He’s been reading comics since 1981, starting with an old copy of “Super Goof.” He has been arguing about comics since about five minutes after that.

Have yourselves a great weekend, folks! See you back here Monday!


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