The Series You’ve Been Waiting For

Personally, I can’t wait for the issue when Thanos goes to Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon looking to figure out which kind of fence he wants to put into his yard. Does he go Chain Link? Wooden? Or maybe some kind of hedge/wrought Iron combo? Oh, the options!

Thrill, as in the second-to-last issue, Thanos tries to watch an entire movie… without falling asleep!

Read on in shock as the series comes to an end with Thanos deciding it’s time to move from an SUV 4×4 to a smaller car with better gas mileage!

Ok, I may be projecting a bit here, but let’s be honest. Based on what I’ve heard about the first issue of Thanos Rising, these predictions may not be that far off.

For either of us.

So, we have ourselves another guest page today as the Con Flu as wreaked its havoc around the office. Today’s page comes to us from artist Rob Dumo:

Rob Dumo is a comic artist from upstate New York between Buffalo and Rochester. He’s best known for his work on Zenescope’s Robyn Hood and Broken Icon Comics’ Nightmare Unknown. Rob also serves as Art Director for Broken Icon. Visit his website:, his deviantArt: rob dumo, or follow him on twitter: @robdumo.

And writer Larry White:

Larry White is a freelance writer based in the Pacific Northwest. His first pro comics work will be published later this year by Dynamite Entertainment. You can find him on Facebook (Larry R White) or twitter (@jacka9original)

Have a great mid-week, folks! See you back here Wednesday!


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